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Gelibolu Tekirdag

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• Food as per the above itinerary, (one breakfast, 2 lunches and one dinner).
• English speaking tour guide as per the above itinerary.
• All transport and driver as per the above itinerary
• Entrance fees to Gallipoli Museum.

Day 1 Istanbul to Gallipoli
• 9am collect passengers departure for Gallipoli. (Insurance and client manifest Documents to be completed en route and to be faxed to Kumuka head office ASAP once completed)
• Lunch in restaurant in Tekirdag.
• Visit Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Chunk Bair, trenches, Museum (Optional), and as Much else as Possible.
• Dinner at local restaurant. (Breakfast and lunch boxes to be given out at this Dinner time)
• 9pm departure for Anzac Cove. Lunch & breakfast boxes for day two to be on Board. (Breakfast: 2 x bread rolls, cheese, butter, jam, fruit, juice)
• Guide to take passengers to Anzac Cove to settle in for the night.
• Passengers to be given the option to take breakfast boxes with them before Departing from the coach for the night.

Day 2 Gallipoli to Istanbul
• Guide to make a meeting point with group for after New Zealand and Australian Services.
• Coach to pick up group at or close to meeting point.
• Passengers to be given lunch boxes, stop made for passengers to eat lunch. (Grassy area)
• After lunch transfer back to Istanbul.